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Do you want to get into classical/contemporary music but don't know where to start?

Composer: Terry Riley (b. 1935), American

Piece: In C

FYI: One of the first minimalist pieces, In C is an indeterminate, improvisatory performance concept. It can be for any number of players, though the recommended is 35 (and you would probably want at least two to get the desired effect). The score is made up of 53 short musical phrases that can be repeated as many times as the player likes. All players must start at phrase 1, and progress to phrase 53 (although some phrases can be skipped). A typical performance lasts 45-90 minutes, although the piece can be any duration imaginable. 

IMO: This performance is by one of my favourite ensembles, Bang on a Can. The original recording is also great, but it’s the most well-known, and I think promoting one recording over any other is kinda defeating the point of the piece. It’s different every time!